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WAKeMeUP presented 2 scientific papers from CEA-Leti:

35.3: "Reliability and Variability of 1S1R OxRAM-OTS for High density crossbar Integration", D. Alfaro Robayo, G. Sassine, J. Minguet Lopez, L. Grenouillet, A. Verdy, G. Navarro, M. Bernard, E. Esmanhotto, C. Carabasse, E. Vianello, N. Castellani, L. Ciampolini, B. Giraud, C. Cagli, G. Guibaudo, E. Nowak, G. Molas, 

30.5: “OxRAM for embedded solutions on advanced node: scaling perspectives considering statistical reliability and design constraints”, J. Sandrini, L. Grenouillet, V. Meli, N. Castellani, I. Hammad, S. Bernasconi, F. Aussenac, S. Van Duijn, G. Audoit, M. Barlas, J.F. Nodin, O. Billouint, G. Molas, R. Fournel, E. Nowak, F. Gaillard, C. Cagli

A poster from TUBITAK was presented.