Work Package 1: Management, Dissemination and Exploitation

Dominique GOUBIER from STMicroelectronics Crolles is the project coordinator and the WP1 leader.

Mr. Dominique Goubier is an engineer in semi-conductor physics and computer science from CPE Lyon. He is leading many R&D collaborative projects especially in the domain of semiconductor technology platform development. He has an experience of more than 18 years in data preparation, masks and lithography as well as Quality. Dominique Goubier is certified from the PMI as Project Manager Professional (PMP).®-01100748/

Work Package 2: Pilot line: Semi-conductor Technology Enablers

Philippe Boivin from STMicroelectronics is the WP2 leader.

He is R&D technology manager at STMicroelectronics, France.

Work Package 3: Semi-conductor Technology Enhancements

Christelle CHARPIN-NICOLLE from CEA-LETI is the WP3 leader.

She is an engineer in Physics from PHELMA Grenoble. She first worked in CEA-Bruyères le Châtel in the field of plasma physics for the MegaJoule Project; she worked in the physical modelisation of the target behaviour under X ray irradiation, in collaboration with CEA-CESTA. Then she joined CEA-LETI (Grenoble) in 2001 in microelectronic field, where she developed etching processes for advanced materials; she was also responsible for the EUV advanced mask program and was involved in Nanoimprint program in the frame of European collaborations. Since 2009, she has been working in memories, charge-trap split-gate memories, and then in HfO2 based oxide memories and Phase-Change memories. She has been in charge of industrial and European projects.

Work Package 4: Building blocks

Laurent Sourgen from STMicroelectronics is the WP4 leader.

He is Director - Strategic R&D programs, MMS Group at STMicroelectronics, France.

Work Package 5: Application and System platforms

Thorsten Hummel from Continental Teves is the WP5 leader.

He is Project Manager in the department of IC Solutions Series Development in the Business Unit Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Business Area Autonomous Mobility and Safety at Continental in Frankfurt, Germany