IMA dual-core STM32 microcontroller demonstrator video

Within the WaKeMeUP project, IMA has developed a prototype ECU based on dual-core microcontroller STM32H755 suitable for demanding embedded applications.

Embedded control unit is capable of high-speed data acquisition and hard real-time process control with concurrent independent visualisation, non-deterministic Ethernet communication with LwIP stack and RTOS running web server and other non real-time tasks.
Real-time functionality (process control, data acquisition etc.) is performed by dedicated ARM Cortex M4 core (up to 240 MHz).
ARM Cortex M7 core (up to 480 MHz) runs RTOS with Web server and other relevant functionalities.
All processing, data storage and dynamic web page generation is performed on MCU with integrated 1MB RAM and 2MB Flash!

Please watch the video showing the demonstrator!: