WAKeMeUP at the International Memory Workshop 2020

WAKEMeUP members will participate in the International Memory Workshop 2020 on 17-20 May in Dresden, Germany.

Two abstracts submitted by the CEA-Leti were accepted as oral presentations :

- Innovative Multilayer OTS Selectors for Performance Tuning and Improved Reliability. C. Laguna, N. Castellani, M. Bernard, N. Rochat, D. Rouchon, C. Sabbione, J. Garrione, E. Nolot, G. Bourgeois M. C. Cyrille, L. Militaru, A. Souifi, G. Navarro and E. Nowak

- Crosspoint Memory Arrays: Principle, Strengths and Challenges. G. Molas, D. Alfaro Robayo, J. Minguet Lopez, L. Grenouillet, C .Carabasse, G. Navarro, C. Sabbione, M. Bernard, C. Cagli, N. Castellani, D. Deleruyelle+, M. Bocquet.

This conference brings the memory community together in a workshop environment to discuss the memory process and design technologies, applications, market needs and strategies. It is sponsored by the IEEE Electron Devices Society and meets annually in May. The scope of workshop content ranges from new memory concepts in early research to the technology drivers currently in volume production as well as emerging technologies in development.

 More information on IMW: http://www.ewh.ieee.org/soc/eds/imw/