Structure & organization

STMicroelectronics, in  the person of Dominique GOUBIER, is the project coordinator of WAKeMeUP.


The structure of the WAKeMeUP project is composed of: 

  • A General Assembly (GA): Responsible for decision making in the project. One representative of each Party identified as partner of the project.
  • An Executive Board (EB): Responsible for the overall technical management of the project. It is composed of the coordinator and the work package leaders.
  • A Strategic Board (SB): Responsible for validating the strategic decisions of the project, particularly for further exploitation and impacts of the results. It is composed of senior representatives of the Industrial partners, representatives of the SMEs, representatives of the RTOs and Academics and one from each country present in the project consortium and not represented in the previous categories.

The WAKeMeUP project is divided in 5 main work packages:

  • WP1: Management, Dissemination and Exploitation
  • WP2: Pilot line: Semi-conductor Technology Enablers
  • WP3: Semi-conductor Technology Enhancements
  • WP4: Building blocks
  • WP5: Application and System platforms